Thursday, 10 May 2012

My Very First Post : Leopard print

Hey there this is my first blog post am so happy and excited am actually holidaying in Delhi..with practically no tools for nail art..but i ended up with this flashy and chic design..animal prints have always been my favourite as they are so basic and simple to do..and it came out really well .
This one is a leopard soooo in love with my nails..

You'll be surprised to know the only tool I used was just a toothpick,and
These are the colours I used..

  1. Revlon's no. 371 called Black Beauty 
  2. A shimmery golden colour (it's quiet old so i dunno its brand name)
  3. Lakme's True wear nail colour no. 3 called Brilliance
                      let me know how you find this design..if there are designs you would like me to try please leave your suggestions in the comments section..
Thanks..wish you a great day ahead.. :)