Wednesday, 27 June 2012

A Beginners Guide To Nail Art Part 2

Heeeelllllooooo There :) am back from holidays and as fresh and as active as ever..
Here I have few tips and inspirations for you..
at first go through this to start..A beginners guide to nail art part 1

1.when it comes to nails always know.. "less is more"

2.Always try your new nail art on a piece of paper..If possible on your old manicure which you are about to remove..

3.Try learning nail art from's like a place filled with nail art from basic to advance level.

4.Try doing nail art after applying topcoat so in case something goes wrong you can always go back and wipe it,the top coat will prevent your base color so you don't have to start all over again.. might like to use remover wipes as they retain acetone longer..

6.have q tips handy as they remove nail polishes from cuticles easily.

7.When doing water marbelling please know that polishes with runny texture will work..and those with thick texture will give a hard time..

8.Please don't loose'll fail sometimes..but the one who continues to practice will succeed.

Happy nail arting!! If you have  any questions please feel free to ask below..

Have Fun!
Be safe and I will See you soon.. :)


  1. i wanted to know if uve tried water marbelling..if yes then pls pls do a post on it

    1. I tried marbelling once lee,it came out fair but it was so messy that i din't dared to try again..will try again and put up a post soon :)

  2. I tried water marbel nail art, but failed always !! can you do a post on it :D

    1. Hey Mukta thanks dear..Ok noted will do a water marbelling post soon :)


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