Thursday, 27 September 2012

DIY Dotticure : An easy and colourfull manicure

Hey sweethearts!! Howz life??
Am good, examz went and they were okayish..

Today's manicure is soooo sweet and simple that you will love!!! I had soo much fun while creating this :)

Here is what it looks like,

Under Indirect sunlight..

under flash..

To achieve this manicure you need..
  1. Vibrant nail polishes of your choice
  2. A black nail paint for the base colour
  3. A dotter or a toohtpick or just the back of a paint brush.
Steps to create this design..
  1. Start of with your base colour
  2. Dot randomly with each colour till you get the desired dotticure,you can make small or smaller,big or bigger dots.
  3. Apply a topcoat and you are done

I really hope that you liked this design and that you will try it!!
 Do let me know how you find it..I love reading your comments..
Have fun and Be safe :D



Friday, 21 September 2012

Cherry Blossom Nails

Hey guys..i hope you all are doing great!! Did you miss me?? (please say yes,*pretty please !* ) I missed blogging so much!! I understood one thing that no matter how much I am indulged in my busy life I always crave for reading blogs along with a cup of coffee or a glass of juice!!Lucky me,I got this chance today!!
Ok back to the topic..Today's NOTD is all girly and floral one!!

Pink cherry blossoms on bright coral colour..
here it is..

Under indirect sunlight..

under Flash..

 As requested by many fellow blogger's I have started posting XL images :D

For achieving this manicure I used..
  1. A base coat
  2. A bright coral pink Nail Paint (No.24 coral by newU)
  3. white acrylic colour
  4. Black nail art striper (black nail art striper by LA Colors)
  5. A toothpick
  6. A topcoat

I really hope that you like this design..

This design was inspired by ROBIN MOSES

I would love to read your precious comments..

Have Fun and Be safe :)

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Tear Drop Manicure

Hey guys am sooo sorry but I always get caught up in things! This week it was teachers day + traditional day celebration hence no time for blogging!! Okay won't lie,I did had time but I was so tired I just use to slump in my bed :P and guess what minors(sort of mid-sems) approaching soon from Monday!! And yes haven't studied a word for that..well what better than a new manicure to cheer myself up :D
This one is so elegant I am unable to take off my eyes from my hands *.*

Tear drop manicure...Without flash..

With flash..

Both the hands..

For this manicure I used..

  1. Basecoat
  2. Purple Nail Polish
  3. White acrylic color
  4. A paint brush with large base
  5. Silver rhinestones
  6. Topcoat

I really hope you like this design..and please forgive my abrupt absence,It'll take sometime for me to manage blogging and college easily :)

This design was inspired by Cute Nails also known as Tartofraises on her french Chanel..

Do let me how you find this design.. & WISH ME LUCK FOR EXAMS :)

Have Fun And Be Safe ! :D

Friday, 31 August 2012

Win A beautiful VOV makeup Kit

Hello there :) Vish of Sagaciously Beautiful is having an half yearly celebration!!! and guess what she's holding a giveaway on this occasion,where you can win a VOV makeup kit!! Go girls try your luck, you can check it out HERE !! 

Have fun and Be safe :)

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Untitled !!

Heyyyaaa gurlzz :) This post is for somebody really special.. Please read on to know more :)

"Today I went to the school after a loooong break..A break of about one and a half month since school started..
Many-a-times, I thought of going to school but I refrained, What good was there? Same people who try hard to be friends! ,roaming in the lunch-break all alone near the garden,sitting alone,tricks being played by those girls who have groups;Why do they have to do this to me??But alas, this day came and I had to Go..finally..

I don't like my college much ... weirdos all around with insane or maybe I should say psycho teachers!! No true friends at all..I sat alone on the first bench,gazing hard at me was the blank sheet of paper in my notebook.Buzzing of my mates from all sides encompassed me and I was very uncomfortable and alone... Then the teacher came around, and Man! I was all nervous. She spoke Martian and kept on doing so, I could not understand a single word.I was trying hard not to face her..I had my confidence on an all time  low..although I managed to do few sums correctly,but it couldn't lift my mood either..I sat alone on the bench cold and scared ..AND then..there she was..yelling at me- 'You there!!! U think this advanced subject is a piece of cake for u, Cinderella!! I will send a short attendance notice in your regard which shall surely prevent you from sitting in exams!' The only rescue was to get a med. certificate and get it forwarded by the principal !! It wasn't an easy task for me, and needless to say the Principal was scariest of all..I was chilled down to the bone felt as if am suffocated and really stuck!!"

This was an excerpt from my in-process-novel "Life Of  A Misfit Girl "

How did you find it??Do let me know..

Have Fun And Be Safe :)

Friday, 24 August 2012

All About Nail Files

Hello there beauties!! I hope you all are enjoying your life and having fun :)
I did a through study on ways to maintain length of my nails and avoid chipping and splitting as I love Looong Nails :D one of the important things that I came across was Nail Files and their effect on nails! So I wanted to talk a little bit about Nail Files and how to choose the right one for you..
so let's get started !

Types of Nail files :

1.     Metal Nail Files.
2.     Emery boards or cushioned Nail Files.
3.     Glass or crystal Nail Files.
4.     Stone or ceramic Nail Files.

let's explore them in detail..

1. Metal Nail Files.
This type of file is pretty common and cheap.They basically come in just  every manicure set.  if you use this type of file,I request you to please STOP. Throw it away !! NOW ! 
These are generally the coarsest variety of Nail Files,  Metal nail files tend to last a long time,but they are not recommended as the abrasiveness can cause tearing and peeling in the nails!

2.Emery Boards

These types of nail files can be found anywhere. These are typically made with a base of cardboard or sponge, and the surface is made up  of finely ground corundum, a mineral.A dual-sided emery board has  one side rougher than the other. Emery boards tend to wear out rather quickly, especially when compared to other types. As they are constructed of cardboard or sponge base, the file can bend easily, causing dents in it! 
I recommend using that emery board which has less thickness as it will make filing near and under the side edges of nail easier!They are perfect for taking down the length of your nails!

3.Glass or Crystal Nail File

The crystal/glass nail file is all the hype right now and it's much better for your nails than any other type of file. The crystal/glass type of file is finer than most emery boards and therefore it's easier on your natural nails.I use the above shown glass file myself but I find that it's just not coarse enough to take down the length of my nails because it makes the filing process sooo much longer that way.Although this type  of Nail File is best for cleaning up around the edges of the nail after filing them down/shaping them. glass nail files provide with finer edges thus sealing any nicks or snags and prevent from splitting of nails. They are not as durable as metal if dropped or handled roughly.These are great when you just to remove any imperfection and still have the same length!

4. Stone or Ceramic Nail Files

Stone/Ceramic Nail files are also much like the Glass Nail Files..They are very gentle but once again they are not suitable for taking down the length of Nails but are excellent to provide finer edges and a finishing touch! They are just great for maintenance filing !

Which Ones I Prefer : I use an emery board to take down the length of my nails and then I finish off with a glass or Ceramic Nail file .. But mostly I do maintenance filing just a slight file here and there with glass or stone Nail File to maintain the length of my nails

so this is it for Nail files I hope you find this post useful !

Which Nail file do you use??Do let me know I'd love to read your comments!

Have Fun & Be Safe :)