Thursday, 27 September 2012

DIY Dotticure : An easy and colourfull manicure

Hey sweethearts!! Howz life??
Am good, examz went and they were okayish..

Today's manicure is soooo sweet and simple that you will love!!! I had soo much fun while creating this :)

Here is what it looks like,

Under Indirect sunlight..

under flash..

To achieve this manicure you need..
  1. Vibrant nail polishes of your choice
  2. A black nail paint for the base colour
  3. A dotter or a toohtpick or just the back of a paint brush.
Steps to create this design..
  1. Start of with your base colour
  2. Dot randomly with each colour till you get the desired dotticure,you can make small or smaller,big or bigger dots.
  3. Apply a topcoat and you are done

I really hope that you liked this design and that you will try it!!
 Do let me know how you find it..I love reading your comments..
Have fun and Be safe :D



Friday, 21 September 2012

Cherry Blossom Nails

Hey guys..i hope you all are doing great!! Did you miss me?? (please say yes,*pretty please !* ) I missed blogging so much!! I understood one thing that no matter how much I am indulged in my busy life I always crave for reading blogs along with a cup of coffee or a glass of juice!!Lucky me,I got this chance today!!
Ok back to the topic..Today's NOTD is all girly and floral one!!

Pink cherry blossoms on bright coral colour..
here it is..

Under indirect sunlight..

under Flash..

 As requested by many fellow blogger's I have started posting XL images :D

For achieving this manicure I used..
  1. A base coat
  2. A bright coral pink Nail Paint (No.24 coral by newU)
  3. white acrylic colour
  4. Black nail art striper (black nail art striper by LA Colors)
  5. A toothpick
  6. A topcoat

I really hope that you like this design..

This design was inspired by ROBIN MOSES

I would love to read your precious comments..

Have Fun and Be safe :)

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Tear Drop Manicure

Hey guys am sooo sorry but I always get caught up in things! This week it was teachers day + traditional day celebration hence no time for blogging!! Okay won't lie,I did had time but I was so tired I just use to slump in my bed :P and guess what minors(sort of mid-sems) approaching soon from Monday!! And yes haven't studied a word for that..well what better than a new manicure to cheer myself up :D
This one is so elegant I am unable to take off my eyes from my hands *.*

Tear drop manicure...Without flash..

With flash..

Both the hands..

For this manicure I used..

  1. Basecoat
  2. Purple Nail Polish
  3. White acrylic color
  4. A paint brush with large base
  5. Silver rhinestones
  6. Topcoat

I really hope you like this design..and please forgive my abrupt absence,It'll take sometime for me to manage blogging and college easily :)

This design was inspired by Cute Nails also known as Tartofraises on her french Chanel..

Do let me how you find this design.. & WISH ME LUCK FOR EXAMS :)

Have Fun And Be Safe ! :D