Tuesday, 19 June 2012

A Beginners Guide To Nailart Part 1

 Hellllo :) happy morningzzz..
This was something I think I should have posted earlier.Nail art is something which is noticed by everybody be it man or woman ,many of us wish to indulge into it but don't know where to start with..In this part we will discuss about gathering all the stuff required.. you don't need much to get that wow look on your nails..Well,let's get started..

According to the budget, I have categorized all the stuff..

If you don't want to spend much :
1.spend on some basic colors of nail paints like  black,white,red,silver and gold.

2.Get Nailart pens,but do try them before buying (I din't had good experience with some of them as the color that appeared on the bottle was quiet opaque but on nails it wasn't!)

3.Get glitter polishes..On days when you are lazy but want a dash of glamour on you nails these will come to your rescue ;)

If you can spend further :

4.Get acrylic colors ! They are so easy to work with as compared to nail paints.(CAUTION : always use acrylic colours after applying a base nailpaint of your choice,Don't use them directly on you nails.)

5.Rhinestones to add bling.A good alternative to them are little stone bindi's that are easily available and affordable

6.Buy nail art stickers,with these without much fuss you get nails with wow factor.

7.Get glitters,the powder ones.

And for those who can get extravagant :

8.Get nail art stamping kits.Stamping is hard to  master so if you own a kit don't throw it away cuz you feel it doesn't work , practice more!

9. Embellishment wheel or rhinestone wheel.

10.Nail art strips.They are for those who complain of being unable to draw let alone nail art..these are like stickers that cover the whole area of you nail and last quiet long,but pricey and rarely available

That's it!now you are to good to go :D I hope these advice are helpful and you have happy nailarting time :)
Any questions or queries are welcomed..have a great day :)


  1. Beautiful Manushree! U should more posts often!

    Following your blog!

    1. will surely try to post more often chic choco (i love this name!:D ) thanks a lot dear for following :)

  2. Awesome post dear.. amazing blog.. we wish you should post more nail art post..

    1. You made my day :) thankyou so much..The post will be on a beautiful nail art design.. thanks for such a lovely comment..xoxo

  3. I love these nail art polishes! great for some quick designs.

  4. Hey, was wondering, where did u get the stamping kit?

    1. I got mine from urban touch anusha :)

  5. How cute! I will def try this look out. Cute blog :)


  6. Thanks sultana !! do try :)


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