Friday, 29 June 2012

Antique Nail Art in Gold and Black

Hellloooo people!! First of all am so thankful to all my pretty followers! Love you girls ..your comments mean a lot to me..thanks for your support. :)
Haven't done a Nail Art post lately so here it is.. :D
As the wedding season is about to begin (dunno if it has  already begun :P ) I wanted to work with gold..for like an hour or so I was thinking what to do after painting my nails gold.. :P then I was struck by the combination of gold and black (This combination is  soo tempting.. watch it in action Leopard Print ) and this is what I ended up with .. This one is without the Flash.. It looks kinda antique..

What you need:

  1. Gold Polish, mine is Lakme's Color Crush No. 01
  2. A top coat,mine is Revlon's colorstay top coat
  3. Black acrylic Paint
  4. A paint Brush
  1. Start by painting your nails with gold polish until opaque
  2. Draw 6 petal flowers with the black acrylic color (please use the picture for reference)
  3. Add leaves.
  4. Add small swirls and dots,our main aim is to cover the maximum area..
  5. Let your nails dry,and add a top coat and you are done!
This one's under flash..

I really hope you liked this design and that you will try it..
inspired by robin moses

Please spare few minutes and do let me know your thoughts about it,I would love to read :)

Have fun! Be Safe and I will see you soon  :)

Thursday, 28 June 2012

My Chunky Glitter Polish Haul !!

Hey there!!! :) as promised am here with the glitter polishes..
I really love chunky glitter polishes,but their availability in India was a major i had to wait long,before I got these Chunky Fairy dusts..It was like I went to this cosmetic shop for inquiring about crackle polish and spotted them..For a moment I could not believe that this was really true!! THE CHUNKY POLISHES in India..
The brand is CAMIEO (I dint had good experience with camieo nailart pens but am ready to forget everything after using these glitter polishes)Wait ,did I tell you that they costed me around 95 Rs each..which is a STEAL for a 10ml bottle (appx)!!
I bought 5 colors..but they don't have names..
Here are the pictures..

This how the front look likes..I soooo love the shape..Actually I love everything about them..!! I won't be showing more of the fronts so as to give better Ideas Of colors (they don't even have no.'s)

1.This Multicolored golden chunky fairy dust has fine golden Glitters,hexagonal golden,red and blue glitters..It's so lovely to go with ethnic wear..

 2.Purrrrrple Chunky Fairy dust!!It has purple micro and hexagonal chunks of glitter.. It's one of my favorites!!

3.Golden chunky fairy dust!! Once again this one has golden micro ans hexagonal glitters..It'll look awesome on red and black backgrounds..

4.This one's again one of my favorites..It's a beautiful Dark Pinkish Red colored chunky fairy dust to me....the constituents are same..micro and hexagonal glitters..

5.The COOL BLUE!! this is Marine Blue chunky fairy dust to me..With this I did this manicure American Blue !!the constituents are same ,micro and hexagonal.


  • Affordable,and rightly priced.
  • The formula is thick,which gives a smooth surface on drying.
  • Variety of colors.
  • With two coats you are good to go.
  • I couldn't find shades like green and pink..
  • The bottles don't have names on it..
  • Availability is an issue.(I went again there but they had just a purple one go grab them ASAP)
  • After three days I saw some fine cracks ,they were like between base nail paint and top coat very slight cracks which couldn't be felt as they were inside, between the layers..I dunno what that was might post a pic next time I try it..maybe I din't let the polish dry well and applied another coat..
THEY GET :  4.8/5

A swatch..I applied all Of these to make "PARTY OF GLITTERS"

I hope this was  helpful..please feel free to leave a comment as i love reading them..

Be safe and I will see you soon!!

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

A Beginners Guide To Nail Art Part 2

Heeeelllllooooo There :) am back from holidays and as fresh and as active as ever..
Here I have few tips and inspirations for you..
at first go through this to start..A beginners guide to nail art part 1

1.when it comes to nails always know.. "less is more"

2.Always try your new nail art on a piece of paper..If possible on your old manicure which you are about to remove..

3.Try learning nail art from's like a place filled with nail art from basic to advance level.

4.Try doing nail art after applying topcoat so in case something goes wrong you can always go back and wipe it,the top coat will prevent your base color so you don't have to start all over again.. might like to use remover wipes as they retain acetone longer..

6.have q tips handy as they remove nail polishes from cuticles easily.

7.When doing water marbelling please know that polishes with runny texture will work..and those with thick texture will give a hard time..

8.Please don't loose'll fail sometimes..but the one who continues to practice will succeed.

Happy nail arting!! If you have  any questions please feel free to ask below..

Have Fun!
Be safe and I will See you soon.. :)

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Quickie Post!!! Chunky Glitter Mani

Hey there..It's dead of the night here and I am super Excited !! Will be leaving tomorrow for Gujarat..After Delhi & Panchmarhi its 3rd place we are going for the moment MP's having downpours and temperature have sunk a lil low and I have been craving for sunlight,hope my cravings are satisfied there! :D ok now back to the topic of our concern NAILS yep so I will Donne this look..Its a very easy but utterly glamorous look,another perk : Long lasting!!(Will be putting up a post on glitters then you'll know where i got those big hex glitters from..)
Here is it..

I tried my level best to capture the beauty of this mani but my efforts and even 8MP cam is not doing justice to it..In person this mani is worth goggling!!
I am so sorry I can't give you the pictures or names Of polishes I used as I'll have to search them and I am too tired..

How do you find it??This somehow reminds me of the ice cream "american blue".What does this reminds you of? let me know in the comments section below..

Have Fun !Be safe and I'll see you soon.. :)

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

A Beginners Guide To Nailart Part 1

 Hellllo :) happy morningzzz..
This was something I think I should have posted earlier.Nail art is something which is noticed by everybody be it man or woman ,many of us wish to indulge into it but don't know where to start with..In this part we will discuss about gathering all the stuff required.. you don't need much to get that wow look on your nails..Well,let's get started..

According to the budget, I have categorized all the stuff..

If you don't want to spend much :
1.spend on some basic colors of nail paints like  black,white,red,silver and gold.

2.Get Nailart pens,but do try them before buying (I din't had good experience with some of them as the color that appeared on the bottle was quiet opaque but on nails it wasn't!)

3.Get glitter polishes..On days when you are lazy but want a dash of glamour on you nails these will come to your rescue ;)

If you can spend further :

4.Get acrylic colors ! They are so easy to work with as compared to nail paints.(CAUTION : always use acrylic colours after applying a base nailpaint of your choice,Don't use them directly on you nails.)

5.Rhinestones to add bling.A good alternative to them are little stone bindi's that are easily available and affordable

6.Buy nail art stickers,with these without much fuss you get nails with wow factor.

7.Get glitters,the powder ones.

And for those who can get extravagant :

8.Get nail art stamping kits.Stamping is hard to  master so if you own a kit don't throw it away cuz you feel it doesn't work , practice more!

9. Embellishment wheel or rhinestone wheel.

10.Nail art strips.They are for those who complain of being unable to draw let alone nail art..these are like stickers that cover the whole area of you nail and last quiet long,but pricey and rarely available

That's it!now you are to good to go :D I hope these advice are helpful and you have happy nailarting time :)
Any questions or queries are welcomed..have a great day :)

Monday, 18 June 2012

Cherry Nails !!!

Hello there!! am so sorry I have been out of touch lately because of my exams,but will be in touch now,even in my exams with scheduled posts!! I accidently broke my index and ring finger nail so I had to cut them down..(It's so bad..) but to cheer myself up I did this sweet cherry design which is fun and easy..this is inspired by cherries and cutepolish..

here it is..

Materials Required,
1.Red nailpaint (Mine is an old red nail paint with no name..) or red acrylic paint nail paint
3.White nail paint,mine is Mabelline's Expreess finish pearl called "white cloud"
4.A Clearpolish,mine is Revelon's Color stay "Topcoat"
4.A toothpick or bobbypin or you might just use the back of  of a regular  paint brush or a nail art pen in red and green.
5.Size 0 brush if you are using acrylic paints
6.A Clearpolish

How to:
Paint your nails opaque white(this may need two coats of white polish) then dip the toothpick or the back of the bobbypin in red nail paint or red acrylic paint (thin it down by adding water if its too thick) and paint two dots close to each other on your nails..
If you are using a nail art pen then just make some few couple of red dots(by couple i mean two dots close to each other refer the picture to get the idea..)
then with green acrylic paint or nail art pen make stems..
Once you are done apply clear coat to get amazing shine,this will also extend life of your nail art..

I hope you'll try this easy design..
Are you on holidays??If yes then how are you spending your Holidays??Do tell..