Monday, 18 June 2012

Cherry Nails !!!

Hello there!! am so sorry I have been out of touch lately because of my exams,but will be in touch now,even in my exams with scheduled posts!! I accidently broke my index and ring finger nail so I had to cut them down..(It's so bad..) but to cheer myself up I did this sweet cherry design which is fun and easy..this is inspired by cherries and cutepolish..

here it is..

Materials Required,
1.Red nailpaint (Mine is an old red nail paint with no name..) or red acrylic paint nail paint
3.White nail paint,mine is Mabelline's Expreess finish pearl called "white cloud"
4.A Clearpolish,mine is Revelon's Color stay "Topcoat"
4.A toothpick or bobbypin or you might just use the back of  of a regular  paint brush or a nail art pen in red and green.
5.Size 0 brush if you are using acrylic paints
6.A Clearpolish

How to:
Paint your nails opaque white(this may need two coats of white polish) then dip the toothpick or the back of the bobbypin in red nail paint or red acrylic paint (thin it down by adding water if its too thick) and paint two dots close to each other on your nails..
If you are using a nail art pen then just make some few couple of red dots(by couple i mean two dots close to each other refer the picture to get the idea..)
then with green acrylic paint or nail art pen make stems..
Once you are done apply clear coat to get amazing shine,this will also extend life of your nail art..

I hope you'll try this easy design..
Are you on holidays??If yes then how are you spending your Holidays??Do tell..