Thursday, 28 June 2012

My Chunky Glitter Polish Haul !!

Hey there!!! :) as promised am here with the glitter polishes..
I really love chunky glitter polishes,but their availability in India was a major i had to wait long,before I got these Chunky Fairy dusts..It was like I went to this cosmetic shop for inquiring about crackle polish and spotted them..For a moment I could not believe that this was really true!! THE CHUNKY POLISHES in India..
The brand is CAMIEO (I dint had good experience with camieo nailart pens but am ready to forget everything after using these glitter polishes)Wait ,did I tell you that they costed me around 95 Rs each..which is a STEAL for a 10ml bottle (appx)!!
I bought 5 colors..but they don't have names..
Here are the pictures..

This how the front look likes..I soooo love the shape..Actually I love everything about them..!! I won't be showing more of the fronts so as to give better Ideas Of colors (they don't even have no.'s)

1.This Multicolored golden chunky fairy dust has fine golden Glitters,hexagonal golden,red and blue glitters..It's so lovely to go with ethnic wear..

 2.Purrrrrple Chunky Fairy dust!!It has purple micro and hexagonal chunks of glitter.. It's one of my favorites!!

3.Golden chunky fairy dust!! Once again this one has golden micro ans hexagonal glitters..It'll look awesome on red and black backgrounds..

4.This one's again one of my favorites..It's a beautiful Dark Pinkish Red colored chunky fairy dust to me....the constituents are same..micro and hexagonal glitters..

5.The COOL BLUE!! this is Marine Blue chunky fairy dust to me..With this I did this manicure American Blue !!the constituents are same ,micro and hexagonal.


  • Affordable,and rightly priced.
  • The formula is thick,which gives a smooth surface on drying.
  • Variety of colors.
  • With two coats you are good to go.
  • I couldn't find shades like green and pink..
  • The bottles don't have names on it..
  • Availability is an issue.(I went again there but they had just a purple one go grab them ASAP)
  • After three days I saw some fine cracks ,they were like between base nail paint and top coat very slight cracks which couldn't be felt as they were inside, between the layers..I dunno what that was might post a pic next time I try it..maybe I din't let the polish dry well and applied another coat..
THEY GET :  4.8/5

A swatch..I applied all Of these to make "PARTY OF GLITTERS"

I hope this was  helpful..please feel free to leave a comment as i love reading them..

Be safe and I will see you soon!!


  1. Beautiful Manushree.. Thanks for stopping by my blog :) Any idea where do you get these ones??

    1. Hey you'd left a comment about following my blog, I don't see your name in followers list.. Can you check? <3

    2. Please check if am visible on your follower list :) Thanks a lot for following me..
      I got these from my local cosmetic store.. hope it helps :D

  2. nice post!! waiting for lovely nail-art posts:)

  3. Where did you get such pretty polishes ???

    1. ohh neha they are so much more pretty in person.. I got them from a local cosmetic store :)

  4. its beautiful! Where are these available?

    1. I got them from my local cosmetics store ..the stores that keep miscellaneous brands :)

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    1. thankyou so much for following me dear..Will surely get on twitter..loads of love..xoxo :)

  6. hi dear...good collection.....I am ur newest follower.... thnx for following my blog too :) I luv the pink owl on the right side...very cute:)))))


  7. Lovely polishes!! Loved your previous post nail art<3
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    "Saúde & Beleza - Health & Beauty"

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