Thursday, 21 June 2012

Quickie Post!!! Chunky Glitter Mani

Hey there..It's dead of the night here and I am super Excited !! Will be leaving tomorrow for Gujarat..After Delhi & Panchmarhi its 3rd place we are going for the moment MP's having downpours and temperature have sunk a lil low and I have been craving for sunlight,hope my cravings are satisfied there! :D ok now back to the topic of our concern NAILS yep so I will Donne this look..Its a very easy but utterly glamorous look,another perk : Long lasting!!(Will be putting up a post on glitters then you'll know where i got those big hex glitters from..)
Here is it..

I tried my level best to capture the beauty of this mani but my efforts and even 8MP cam is not doing justice to it..In person this mani is worth goggling!!
I am so sorry I can't give you the pictures or names Of polishes I used as I'll have to search them and I am too tired..

How do you find it??This somehow reminds me of the ice cream "american blue".What does this reminds you of? let me know in the comments section below..

Have Fun !Be safe and I'll see you soon.. :)


  1. Please let me know the name of the glitter polish as soon as possible :)

    1. Just posting about them..thanks for subscribing.. :)

  2. omg ure wishing for sun?..come to delhi!..ull b scorched :) the notd..very bful :)

  3. Thanks Lee :)'s again raining in here :P you are right last year I was in Delhi during this time..MY GOD the weather becomes so still and humid !


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