Friday, 6 July 2012

Bare Essentials Remover Pad Review

Helllooo Cutiiiieeesss :) :) I hope that you all are doing  fine!!
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Ok enough of my woes :D
so, today we will be reviewing Bare Essential's Remover Pads! here is what it looks like !

Lets open it :)

Lets start..

As you can see in the picture above I have removed nail polish from my,thumb,fore finger,middle finger and ring finger..the remover pad is worked has a subtle fragrance and leaves finger nails moisturised!the pad is in shape..

Am so sorry for this and the next picture quality (my brother wasn't around so I had to work with camera timer ! -.- ) here you can see my right hand is all nail paint free and I have started working on my left hand,thumb and forefinger done! by this time this pad has already lost its remover thing! it was being sticky and hard to work was all crumpled and filled with polish!you can see the pad as well..

Ok so here you see that all my nails are free from polish BUT I had such hard time I cannot express in words!!
I was trying to remove with all my know it was like a battle !! I really hated this experience!!
my hands were hurting so bad! plus can you see the sticky residue on my right hand's fingers??this resulted when I was working on my left hand! also my finger tips were sticky and a little grey  here and there!!!

My take:

  1. Easy to carry!
  2. Subtle and pleasing fragrance.
  3. Keep your nails moisturized.
  1. It claims one pad is enough for 10 nails,which is CRAP!
  2. It's 120 Rs. for just 30 pads (plus you HAVE to use 2 in one go!) which is pricey!
  3. Becomes sticky and crumpled.
  4. Leaves finger tips sticky and nail color residue here and there!
I give it : 2.5/5

And yes if you are wondering if I will buy it ever again,then no! Never!

I hope that this review was helpful..

Please spare a few minutes and speak your minds about this,as reading your comments make my day brighter :)

Have fun! Be safe :) and I will see you soon ! :D


  1. Thanks for the review Manu, won't buy it :)

    1. Yes neha they ain't worth that money! :)

  2. Replies
    1. thanks for such a sweet comment!! :)

  3. joined you !!! nice blog u have here.... i am desperately looking for hiphop nail paint remover pads .. they r out of stock all d tym.... !!!!

    check out my blog as well -

    1. Yes riddhi they are a class apart as compared to these!
      thanks dear..will surely check out!! :D

  4. You seem to be complete Nail junkie..thats pretty cool blog too!!
    Thanks for the review I think its gonna be the next must hvae product in my bag !!

    Trendzy street Animal Print Bag Giveaway!!

    1. You gotta be kidding me!!! LOL !! did you even read the review?? :D guess not!
      anyways, thanks :) !

  5. Girl I was actually oogling at your nails all the time! ^_^ I have heard Hip Hop ones are good, never tried though! Thank you for the review, I am not gonna spend money on this :P
    About the new blogger interface, don't know if I sound stupid, I don't like it :| It is not easy to navigate ya :| I am using the old one only :P They keep saying it will go away, and are saying so from months :P Lets see when it goes away! ^_^
    Namita <3

    1. Awwwww thanks sweety!! loads of love.. you made my day
      :* am glad my review helped you :)
      Really I also find the old version better than the new one!! and thanks,finally I can be relieved as you told me they just keep saying that they'll shut it down but haven't yet!! :P

  6. Gr8 review..ur amazing at ur work :)
    Thnx for ur sweet comment on my blog...
    Wanna follow each other??? ^_^
    The Sweet Life

  7. just read this review dear
    Hip Hop works well for 10 fingers
    but again plain nail polish
    For nail arts using glitters or acrylic paints it does take some strength to wipe the color off


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