Tuesday, 28 August 2012

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Heyyyaaa gurlzz :) This post is for somebody really special.. Please read on to know more :)

"Today I went to the school after a loooong break..A break of about one and a half month since school started..
Many-a-times, I thought of going to school but I refrained, What good was there? Same people who try hard to be friends! ,roaming in the lunch-break all alone near the garden,sitting alone,tricks being played by those girls who have groups;Why do they have to do this to me??But alas, this day came and I had to Go..finally..

I don't like my college much ... weirdos all around with insane or maybe I should say psycho teachers!! No true friends at all..I sat alone on the first bench,gazing hard at me was the blank sheet of paper in my notebook.Buzzing of my mates from all sides encompassed me and I was very uncomfortable and alone... Then the teacher came around, and Man! I was all nervous. She spoke Martian and kept on doing so, I could not understand a single word.I was trying hard not to face her..I had my confidence on an all time  low..although I managed to do few sums correctly,but it couldn't lift my mood either..I sat alone on the bench cold and scared ..AND then..there she was..yelling at me- 'You there!!! U think this advanced subject is a piece of cake for u, Cinderella!! I will send a short attendance notice in your regard which shall surely prevent you from sitting in exams!' The only rescue was to get a med. certificate and get it forwarded by the principal !! It wasn't an easy task for me, and needless to say the Principal was scariest of all..I was chilled down to the bone felt as if am suffocated and really stuck!!"

This was an excerpt from my in-process-novel "Life Of  A Misfit Girl "

How did you find it??Do let me know..

Have Fun And Be Safe :)