Saturday, 8 September 2012

Tear Drop Manicure

Hey guys am sooo sorry but I always get caught up in things! This week it was teachers day + traditional day celebration hence no time for blogging!! Okay won't lie,I did had time but I was so tired I just use to slump in my bed :P and guess what minors(sort of mid-sems) approaching soon from Monday!! And yes haven't studied a word for that..well what better than a new manicure to cheer myself up :D
This one is so elegant I am unable to take off my eyes from my hands *.*

Tear drop manicure...Without flash..

With flash..

Both the hands..

For this manicure I used..

  1. Basecoat
  2. Purple Nail Polish
  3. White acrylic color
  4. A paint brush with large base
  5. Silver rhinestones
  6. Topcoat

I really hope you like this design..and please forgive my abrupt absence,It'll take sometime for me to manage blogging and college easily :)

This design was inspired by Cute Nails also known as Tartofraises on her french Chanel..

Do let me how you find this design.. & WISH ME LUCK FOR EXAMS :)

Have Fun And Be Safe ! :D